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Project Description

GREENKID wooden ring holders Smiley faces and children’s pencils with a head are fun and practical

GREENKID ring holders Smiley faces and children’s pencils with a head are hand-painted and very high quality wooden products with a funny design and practical. Wooden pencils represent various children’s favourite story characters, animals, workers, jobs etc.



Where and who is this product intended for?

These loving wooden products are mainly intended for children but will be appreciated by adults too. The ring holders are mostly used as key holders or as funny rings for a rucksack or a school bag. The pencils with a head are suitable for home drawing or writing or even as a school or working accessory.


How does this product work?

GREENKID ring holders are provided with a self-closing carrabin. They can be attached to a key or rucksack with one simple movement. To release the ring you need to loosen the lock from the carrabin – it will not detach itself.


Quality, Safety, Production

Wooden decorations for children GREENKID are hand-painted products of high quality. The development and production of all toys and decorations for children GREENKID takes place exclusively in the Czech Republic. Paints and lacquers used for production are of very high quality, harmless to health and certified for the use on toys even for the youngest children. Excellent quality surface and hand-painting is granted on the brand GREENKID together with the use of mainly natural materials. The main material used is beech wood mined exclusively from local forests and in an environmentally friendly way.



We are a Czech manufacturer, which specilises in manufacturing of high quality wooden toys and decorations with innovative design. All toys produced comply with the current European standards. We use only materials and paints with safety certificates. Currently we make about 950 kinds of products, but we also continue to develop new products. While developing a new product, we put emphasis on originality, and usefulness for kids. Our manufacture focuses on quality and safety of our products. All our production is located in the Czech Republic.


Tel.: +420 776 660 464
Fax: +420 227 077 346

Address for Correspondence

ABAfactory s.r.o. Smetanova 940 471 14   Kamenický Šenov Česká Republika, EU

Basic Company Data

ABAfactory s.r.o.
Kostelec u Křížků 211, 251 68 Kamenice, Czech Republic, EU

ABAfactory s.r.o. is registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 163735