The new product line – Animals on wheels with a rope (sliding and pull-along toy)

Wooden animals on wheels with a fixed rope bent into an arc are very practical and functional toy. They are intended for children from one year. The gripping rope is ideally suited for a child’s hand. The toy has an excellent stability. Massive wheels are connected with strong axles. These qualities allow children to lift their full weight of the toy. These qualities allow children to lift their full weight on the toy. The wheels are fitted with silicone rings. Toy is therefore silent on a solid surface too. The wheels are mounted eccentrically for smooth movement up and down. It adds another dimension of entertainment for this toy. Animals are also equipped with a loop for attaching the pull cord. Therefore fulfill the function of a sliding toy and a pull-along toy. When pulling the eccentric gripping wheels show funny „rocking or  skipping motion“. When you drag, eccentric gripping wheels show funny „rocking or skipping motion“.
We believe that children and their parents will delight universal use of this toy line,, GREENKID „.


We are a Czech manufacturer, which specilises in manufacturing of high quality wooden toys and decorations with innovative design. All toys produced comply with the current European standards. We use only materials and paints with safety certificates. Currently we make about 950 kinds of products, but we also continue to develop new products. While developing a new product, we put emphasis on originality, and usefulness for kids. Our manufacture focuses on quality and safety of our products. All our production is located in the Czech Republic.


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