Most of our toys are made from beech wood, which is carefully selected and the processing is free of any chemicals. The wood is coloured and polished through a special technology (our own method which has been developed and improved over many years). Through using this method we achieve bright and pleasant colours and the paints do not obscure but rather highlight the grain of the wood. The flawless surface is water and scratch resistant. The high standard of quality is ensured by strict checks in every sector of the production. All products go through final checks before packing and exporting to the customers.

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We want to ensure and maintain the safety of our toys so they are produced and regularly tested in order to comply with up-to-date European standards and International safety standards. The surfaces of our wooden toys and decorations are treated only with high quality, ecological, certified, water-based paints and lacquers from renowned European producers, which comply with EU standard EN 71 therefore they are suitable for use on toys for children of any age. Glues and additional materials (fabrics etc.) used in the production of toys, are also checked and tested to conform with all relevant and required safety standards. All products are marketed with a hanging tag or a sticker containing detailed information about the product and the compulsory labelling indicating the compliance with the relevant standards. CE