Wooden pull-along animals with an arc have a cheerful design and funny motion. They are safe and hand-painted toys of an excellent equality and are intended for children over one year of age but the kids get entertained by them for much longer. They are suitable for boys and girls and are adapted to playing at home as well as for entertainment in the garden or to accompany the children on a walk or a trip. These pull-along toys encourage kids to active exercise. These pull-along arched animals GREENKID move forward as well as up and down while being pulled. Their wheels are fitted with silicone rings providing excellent handling characteristics. The toys are therefore quiet and manoeuvrable even on smooth surfaces. The addition of silicone rings ensures a smooth and continuous movement of wheels without losing the funny movement. These wooden pull-along toys for children are fun as well as useful for improving their coordination and training of motor skills. Colourful design of