Project Description

Wooden Money Boxes for children from one year of age

Children’s Money Boxes GREENKID are hand-painted, cheerful and practical but they are also very high quality and safe wooden toys. This series of wooden toys introduces children’s favorite motifs such as a dog, mouse, raven, ladybird, cow, horse and more.


Who and Where Are These Toys Intended for?

These pull-along toys are intended for children from one year of age and are suitable for both boys and girls. They are particularly suitable for the game at home but the children may play with them even in the garden or playground.


How do These Toys Operate?

Wooden Money Boxes GREENKID offer children more options for use. They can either play with the Money Box as with an animal figure because it has a moveable head, arms and legs or use it as a motor toy. They can throw coins inside through the opening and subsequently pull the head and spill them out again. Emptying is simple and the children can repeat the process as many times as they like. This game allows practicing fine motor skills, which is the main purpose of these wooden toys. Money Boxes can serve as a decorative complement to the children’s room or as a classic Money Box for saving coins for older children.


What Can Children Learn?

Wooden Money Boxes GREENKID are a great fun for kids as well as a useful toy for developing their fine motor skills. Children can learn to coordinate the movements of their hands, improve the gripping skills while practicing gentle movements and coordination of the fingers. Colour design of these wooden toys will support the development of their visual perception and imagination.


Quality, Safety, Production

GREENKID wooden toys are intended for children over one year of age and are characterized by high safety and resistance to impact and pulling  force and are manufactured and tested regularly to meet current European standards and international safety standards. Our manufacture uses modern methods of joining pieces of wood together and secure fixings of small parts. Development and manufacture of children’s toys and decorations GREENKID takes place exclusively in the Czech Republic. Paints and varnishes used in production are of a high quality, safe and certified to be used on toys, even for the youngest children. The perfect finish and quality of hand-painted details for a brand GREENKID is granted. Our production of toys and decorations GREENKID mainly use natural materials. The main material is Beachwood obtained solely from domestic sources and in an environmentally friendly way.