Project Description

Pull-along caterpillars and frogs GREENKID are wooden toys for children from one year of age

Wooden pull-along caterpillars and frogs GREENKID are toys on wheels with a pull cord with a cheerful and witty design and movement. They are safe and hand-painted toys of an excellent quality.


Who and Where Are These Toys Intended for?

GREENKID pull-along toys are intended for children over one year of age but they entertain the kids for much longer. They are suitable for both boys and girls and are adapted for playing at home or in the garden. They can also accompany the children on walks or trips. These pull-along toys encourages children to active exercise, which is so important for them.


How do These Toys Operate?

Wooden pull-along caterpillar moves forwards when being pulled and also produce a funny undulating movement – its individual parts move up and down in a wave. This movement resembles a funny and cheerful movement of real caterpillars. The caterpillar has eight wheels connected by strong axis, which are also fitted with silicone rings. Pull along toys are therefore quiet and the handling is easy even on smooth surfaces. The silicone rings provide a smooth movement on any kind of surface without slipping so the pull-along toy does not lose the funny effect of the movement. Children can play with it anywhere. Because these toys are well built they can withstand heavy workload for several generations.


What Can Children Learn?

These wooden pull-along toys GREENKID are a good fun and also useful for improving coordination and motor skills training for the kids. Their colour design will promote the development of visual perception and the child’s imagination. Children can learn very quickly how to control these toys and the fun can begin. The joy of controlling the toys lasts for a very long time and they can become their loyal and long-term friends.


Quality, Safety, Production

GREENKID wooden toys are intended for children over one year of age and are characterized by high safety and resistance to impact and pulling  force and are manufactured and tested regularly to meet current European standards and international safety standards. Our manufacture uses modern methods of joining pieces of wood together and secure fixings of small parts. Development and manufacture of children’s toys and decorations GREENKID takes place exclusively in the Czech Republic. Paints and varnishes used in production are of a high quality, safe and certified to be used on toys, even for the youngest children. The perfect finish and quality of hand-painted details for a brand GREENKID is granted. Our production of toys and decorations GREENKID mainly use natural materials. The main material is Beachwood obtained solely from domestic sources and in an environmentally friendly way.