Project Description

Wooden Push-along Toys with Bell for Children from one year of age

Push-along toys with bell GREENKID are wooden toys on wheels. They are very funny  as well as useful hand-painted wooden toys with cheerful designs, witty movement and soft sounds. They are also very high quality and safe toys. This series of wooden toys offers children’s favorite motifs such as a cow, sailor, clown, dog, dragon, mouse or ladybird and more.


Who and Where Are These Toys Intended for?

These Push-along toys GREENKID are intended for children over one year of age but can entertain kids for much longer. Even adults are often amused when they see their children playing with such toys. These toys are suitable for boys and girls and are adapted to playing at home, in the garden or even for going for a walk. These toys motivate the kinds to exercise, which is very important for them.


How do These Toys Operate?

Push-along toys are very cleverly designed toys whose movement is controlled by pushing a guide handle. When the toys are moving their eccentric mounting of wheels causes them to toddle from side to side. They also have a jingle bell fitted which produces a pleasant jingling sound. The combination of sound and movement motivates the kids to play and fully enjoy the toy. That’s why these wooden toys are very durable and built to withstand even the moset enthusiastic way of playing. They are designed and produced with the emphasis on durability as well as high functionality. The wheels are connected by a strong axis and equipped with silicone rings so they are durable and also easily maneuverable even on smooth surfaces. The addition of silicone rings ensures the continuous movement of the wheels so the funny movement never stops. Children can play with them anywhere.


What Can Children Learn?

Push-along toys GREENKID are great fun as well as useful for the development of their motor skills. They are a fun way and motivate to take the first steps and later assist in improving walking, overall coordination, balance and physical strength of the child. They are ideal for training observation and physical skills. Children learn to perceive the specific motion of the toy and gradually acquire its control by guiding the handle. Subsequently they manage to start walking and moving independently and enthusiastically with the toy, which they are able to control. The joy of mastering the control of the toy lasts for a very long time and the toy becomes their long-term friend. Colour design of these wooden toys will support the development of visual perception and the child’s imagination.


Quality, Safety, Production

GREENKID wooden toys are intended for children over one year of age and are characterized by high safety and resistance to impact and pulling  force and are manufactured and tested regularly to meet current European standards and international safety standards. Our manufacture uses modern methods of joining pieces of wood together and secure fixings of small parts. Development and manufacture of children’s toys and decorations GREENKID takes place exclusively in the Czech Republic. Paints and varnishes used in production are of a high quality, safe and certified to be used on toys, even for the youngest children. The perfect finish and quality of hand-painted details for a brand GREENKID is granted. Our production of toys and decorations GREENKID mainly use natural materials. The main material is Beachwood obtained solely from domestic sources and in an environmentally friendly way.