Project Description

Wooden door stops are functional and fun house accessories from GREENKID

Wooden doorstops. High quality and hand-painted functional products by GREENKID. They can serve as functional decorations or practical house accessories. This range of wooden toys includes the following motifs: cow, giraffe, crocodile and ladybird.


Where and who is this product intended for?

These wooden door stops are mainly designed for children’s rooms but they can be also used as an accessory in other parts of the house.


How does this product work?

GREENKID wooden door stops are functional house accessories intended to keep the door open and stop it from closing by itself and perhaps cause an accidental trapping of children’s fingers. The top side, which is in contact with the door, is protected by a rubberised cover to prevent the damage of the doors. The bottom part is provided by four silicone points to ensure that these door stops remain functional even of a smooth floor. It can be simply manipulated, which is an advantage. The decorative head is slightly forwards for an easier handling.


Quality, Safety, Production

Wooden decorations for children GREENKID are hand-painted products of high quality. The development and production of all toys and decorations for children GREENKID takes place exclusively in the Czech Republic. Paints and lacquers used for production are of very high quality, harmless to health and certified for the use on toys even for the youngest children. Excellent quality surface and hand-painting is granted on the brand GREENKID together with the use of mainly natural materials. The main material used is beech wood mined exclusively from local forests and in an environmentally friendly way.