Project Description

Wooden flying figures and four-legged animals on spring GREENKID are cheerful decorations not just for children

Wooden flying figures and four-legged animals on spring GREENKID are equipped by a hanging spring so they draw attention mainly by their movement. They are ideal as cheerful decorations for children’s rooms or as entertaining presents for kids or adults. This range of wooden figures offers various motifs such as a flying stork carrying a baby in the beak, raven, witch with a broom stick, honeybee, bumblebee, ladybird with wings, dragon, moving spider or four-legged animals such as elephant, dog, cat etc.


Where and who is this product intended for?

Wooden animals and flying figures on spring are decoration objects intended mainly for children as their room decoration. They are also suitable as a witty present for adults or a cheerful accessory for any part of the house.


How does this product work?

These animals and figures made of wood are provided with a spring intended mainly for hanging. The spring has a wooden ring at the end, which can be either hang or tied. If the figure is pulled downwards it will move up and down achieving a funny movement, which will cheer up anybody. Just give it a pull.


Quality, Safety, Production

Wooden decorations for children GREENKID are hand-painted products of high quality. The development and production of all toys and decorations for children GREENKID takes place exclusively in the Czech Republic. Paints and lacquers used for production are of very high quality, harmless to health and certified for the use on toys even for the youngest children. Excellent quality surface and hand-painting is granted on the brand GREENKID together with the use of mainly natural materials. The main material used is beech wood mined exclusively from local forests and in an environmentally friendly way.